Product Description – Earth Compressed Block Machine

In the construction industry, this Earth Compressed Block Machine is widely used for making compressed earth blocks. We manufacture this machine by using highest quality materials and tested under the guidance of the quality inspectors on the industry defined parameters of durability and strength prior to export to our international clients. It is preferred by the clients for excellent mixing capacity and longer operational life. Clients can avail this Earth Compressed Block Machine at a moderate price.

Why Choose us for Earth Compressed Block Machine:

We are the leading and most reputed manufacturer of Earth Compressed Block Machine. We have the largest fully- automatic block machine production manufacturing based in India. We differ our self in both domestic and international markets by high awareness of what is needed in the industry. We constantly improve our machineries, quality and service to meet the customer’s satisfaction. To better understand our customers all around the world, we have team of professionals who are always ready to advice on questions and product manufacturing.


Modern Earth Compressed Block Machine have created the method abundant quicker and additional convenient. These blocks square measure terribly consistent in size sanctioning US to get up the blocks victimization skinny suspension mediate every layer. The fabric wont to create the blocks is kind of accessible. Geologic Survey show that 65-70 % of the soil gift on the Earth’s surface may be a doubtless candidate for creating compressed soil blocks. At Reva comes we tend to begin with clay soil that’s mamma from the farm that at an equivalent time is making a lake. This kind of soil is found in most components of southern Ontario. It’s the most affordable of the soils within the building business and most unpleasant however, for our purpose, its ideal. We’ve got learned to beat the undesirable characteristics through a method of trial and error. Since clay dries in arduous clumps we tend to begin by breaking it up to fine powder victimization the soil processor.


  • Superb production efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Vibration resistance